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Please read the information below before purchasing the Mod. So you will have no doubts.

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How will Mod be delivered and which program?

 The Mod will be emailed to the buyer under the (WeTransfer) name.

 • In the email you will have the following information:

Link to download the Mod. Each Mod is registered with its serial number.

• Together with Mod you will:

Text how to install, information for correct operation of mod. Please read carefully because it is very important to have no doubts.

Once the payment is approved, the Mod will be sent to the buyer by the email that was made.

Remembering: You must complete the form to receive the Mod on the first day of purchase.

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 The Wetransfer Program will be available for download for only 7 days.

After the date of shipment and deadline of 7 days, the download link will not work, but do not worry, missed the deadline and could not download, please contact us and I'll be happy to return.

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